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Gold Zoomorphic Bell Pendant - FJ.6044
Origin: Costa Rica (Panama Border)
Circa: 500 AD

Catalogue: V21
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Gold

Additional Information: SOLD

Location: United States
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This spectacular gold bell pendant brilliantly comprises characteristics of three different creatures: turtle, serpent and harpy eagle. Furthermore, each one of these creatures inhabited and represented a different level of the natives' sacred mythological world: (1)between water and land, (2)land only and (3)between land and skies. Firstly, the glistening gold body is reminiscent in shape and form of a turle's body, as well as the legs and feet. The turtle is a creature who lives between water and land. The ability to inhabit the water and land had great mythological significance to the ancient Costa Ricans. Turtles were also revered for their shells which were made into beautiful musical instruments. The legs and feet of the creature terminate into energetic serpent heads with applied gold eyes and nostrils. Serpents are creatures of the land and were associated with fertility. Their swirling heads create a sense of rhythm and movement. Lastly, the head of the creature resembles the harpy eagle. The harpy eagle lives between land and skies. The most powerful eagle in the world, the harpy eagle was clearly appreciated with high-ranking members of society. The natives also believed that the harpy eagle carried the souls of the dead to the next world. The entire analogy helps us to discover and become part of the relationship between man and nature which silently shimmers in all its glory and mystery before us, is undoubtedly an exceptional work of art. It combines the powerful forces of artistic ingenuity with supernatural and mythical imagery. - (FJ.6044)


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